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Wikimedia Commons Italian Renaissance Art - of interest

Religious Portraits
Maria Magdalena by Bacchiacca Florence 1540-1545 - in a common red florentine gown, with a cheetah? skin mantle on her shoulders and at her sleeve cuffs, with a simple fabric girdle, dual stranded gold? necklace, and elaborate braided hairstyle with a brooch displayed front and centre.
Maria mit dem Kind by Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio Milan - interesting sleeve pleating at cuff.

Porträt einer Dame in Gelb by Alesso Baldovinetti Florence 1470 - a profile portrait with elaborately embroidered sleeves, a goldworked camica, a coral or amber beaded necklace with pearl pendant, and an interesting headwrap with pearl brooch.
Porträt einer jungen Frau (Simonetta Vespucci?) by Sandro Botticelli Florence 1480-1485 - Elaborate hair treatment that wraps around her neckline, and an interesting necklace with a miniature painting.
Porträt der Giovanna Tornabuoni by Domenico Ghirlandaio Florence 1488 - Beautiful overdress, fabrics, and pendant.
Porträt einer Frau by Tizian 1510 - Frayed or selvedge edge used as decoration feature.

Group Scenes
Moses schlägt Wasser aus dem Felsen by Bacchiacca Italy 1540-1545 - interesting for closeup investigation, especially the interesting sleeve set-up and headdress for the woman with the pink dress with blue sleeves, and many headwear options including straw hats and simple squares of linen.
Geburt der Jungfrau by Andrea Boscoli Florence - The servant in the pink dress with green apron has a wrinkly bodice, and the servant in the brown dress has her camica sleeves below her gown straps in a 'wenchy' style.
Fresco Fragment by Sandro Botticelli Florence 1486-1490 - A variety of dress styles including a girdled mantle, and romanesque leather sandals
Abendmahl im Hause des Pharisäers by Antonio Campi Cremona 1577 - The woman in the pink dress has a very interesting top-vented sleeve, and underskirt-only guard
Apotheose der Hl. Ursula by Vittore Carpaccio Venice 1491 - A range of gorgeous Venetian styles including shoulderstrap ties, brooched sleeves, Roman inspired sleeves, and also some Florentine styles.
Begegnung der Pilger mit dem Papst by Vittore Carpaccio Venice 1493 - The lady's bodice is Brown or Maroon, and her skirt and interesting top-sleeves are blue.
Heilige Familie und zwei Stifter in Anbetung des Christuskindes by Vittore Carpaccio Venice 1505 - The lady's bodice and sleeves are the same material, and her skirt a different material.
Maria Geburt by Vittore Carpaccio Venice 1504-1508 - Servants clothes highlighting girdling and headwear including turbans and a veil that resembles a 'biggins' hat highlighted.
Mystische Hochzeit der Hl. Katharina von Alexandrien by Piero di Cosimo Florence 1480-1520 - A supplicant wears a perfect florentine red dress with black guards and attached sleeves, blackworked coverciere in a long scarf style, and green mantle.
Triumphzug der Venus by Francesco del Cossa Ferrara 1469-1470 - The top panel has a range of fascinating views, including hanging oversleeves, box pleating on the back of a skirt, other pretty dresses, and lots of making out and inappropriate touching. (Detail)
Triumphzug der Minerva by Francesco del Cossa Ferrara 1469-1470 - Women displaying a variety of sheer headwraps and a proficiency in the textile arts. Variety of bodice styles.
Il regno di Cosmo by Lorenzo Costa Mantua or Bologna - Tight bodices, bell sleeves, and trains.

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