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Felting Woven Wool and Beadwork

I've been making felt, just a piece here and there. The wool gives off a ton of dye, but every time it releases some dye the scales are able to skitch together better. It takes two whole bouts of hot water, soap, and scrubbing abuse to get it thick enough, and of course I am doing it all by hand. I'd give someone's arm for a washboard, but practical use ones just aren't out there anymore. Once I've done the two bouts of felting, I iron it flat and I am just so pleased with the consistency I am getting. It still looks black at the end, even with all that dye loss.

So now I have two decent sized pieces of felt. I can make two more quite easily; by the end I should have maybe a meter in total. The first tester piece of felt I made has been beadworked into a knife sheath with strawberries and raspberries on it. Today I'm planning on beadworking some hair pieces and earrings, and I may start on my purses.

I think I'll be beading prairie roses, hazelnuts, acorns. I am considering beading the four sacred medicines on the bigger purse.
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