pd (prettydark) wrote in bedsofroses,

Costume dress, Time traveller's wardrobe - Roman multiera

I am sewing something Roman. It's not in period fabric, but the fabric has a nice drape. It will work for costume purposes, but not for sca-style purposes. The underdress is teal, and is I believe, Rayon. The overdress is a brown sheer who-knows what. I presume it's poly. It is stash fabric, and better used than not. It will also give me a good idea of what to do in the future with 'real' fabric.

I've started sewing the set by hand, and I added some edge detail with embroidery thread. I need to fashion some straps, perhaps beaded, for the underdress. The overdress I intend on fastening with brass buttons. I've some semi-decorative sewing trim ideas, involving more embroidery thread. I'm looking for a good belt for it. I have suitable sandals, and a nice necklace that suits incredibly well.
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